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Take part in pony rides, riding games and pony games on our yard, which is situated directly at the Baltic Sea in Schleswig Holstein. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring our horses and ponies to the beach. The shoreline is a nesting area for a multitude of bird species and a nature reservoir. Instead we might take you on a trail ride to our very own lake to splash around in with your group…its just as fun, we promise!

In German, we have a proverb which states that you can find all the happiness of the world on the back of a horse. Why don’t you find out for yourself whether there is any truth behind the proverb by paying our riding stable at the Baltic Sea a visit? It won’t matter whether you have never encountered a horse before or are a confident and competent rider.

After breakfast together, we all head outside onto the pastures in order to catch your horse.

We offer riding lessons for different groups and skill levels. Advanced riders can improve their posture and seat and learn the correct execution of dressage exercises. After half a week, advanced riders can also take part in jumping lesson.

Smaller children and novice riders are introduced to riding in a relaxed setting. We learn how to steer our ponies around cones and through labyrinths. We also organize pony games and vaulting (gymnastic activities on horseback).

Trail rides and hacking out at Hennings Holiday Yard in Schleswig-Holstein – situated 100 kilometers away from Hamburg

Campers usually enjoy trail rides, riding bareback without a saddle and quadrilles (formation riding) the most. In order to get to know your assigned horse, you can also do some ground work or give it an especially thorough groom.

Enjoy your holidays with us (without your parents). Alternatively, you can take part in all of our activities as a daycamper if you have already found an accommodation nearby. Info

An important sidenote: for those of you who think that riding camp is only for girls, you might want to think twice! All the boys who have spent time with us so far quickly befriended our horses and ponies and were able to enjoy other things like the climbing wall and adventure playground as well.

Fun and games at the yard - with or without one of our horses or ponies.

What other activities do we offer apart from horseback riding?

Additionally we like to challenge our horses and campers by organizing free jumping, ground work or proper grooming sessions. Theoretical lessons will help you to further your knowledge about horses so you can understand and love them even more. Other activities include:

  • Trampolining

  • Play on our cableway

  • Exploring our playground and swings

  • Swings

  • Table tennis or table football

  • Trying out the pedalos or riding on our tractors

  • Expeditions to the nearby beaches or our very own lake for a hike or a swim

  • Singing Singstar karaoke

  • An evening of Bingo

  • Building a campfire

  • Boardgames and laid-back evenings in our common room

  • Rallyes and games

  • Volleyball, dodgeball, football etc.

  • Creative art projects: draw your dream horse or the Baltic Sea to take back home with you

  • Midnight hikes

  • A Baltic Sea-, summer-, or horse workshop which makes a pretty souvenir to take home with you in a portfolio...