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Horseback riding isn’t only for little girls...
More and more adults are discovering horseback riding for themselves – join the trend!

During the past few years, many riding schools in Germany including our own have observed a positive change: an increasing number of adults are fulfilling their dream of learning how to ride.

There are many reasons for a late start into equestrian sport. Adults who only just started riding usually already wanted to as a child, but did not have a riding school nearby or the financial resources to take lessons. Many adults also recount that their parents used to forbid them to ride for fear of them falling and hurting themselves. Others still remember falling off a horse at a young age and were never able to find the courage to get back on again... until now!

Often, adults returning to the sport used to ride in their childhood. Puberty, graduation, or the birth of a child may have left no time for horseback riding. Now that your own children are all grown up, your career is less demanding or you have entered your pension, the longing to return to the best sport in the world may have grown again.

What are the benefits of discovering horseback riding as an adult?

Body and soul unite when you spend time in the saddle

Riding is the ideal complementary sport for people of every age and fitness. Find your personal energy source as you become physically active outside in the fresh air, communicate with your equine partner and experience nature. Experience the harmony between yourself, your four-legged partner and the environment.

Once the basics of riding have been correctly accomplished, the sport provides multiple benefits. Riding encourages posture, regular breathing and increases circulation. It strengthens core muscles and the spinal cord. It helps both body and soul to relax and relieves stress. Especially adults can benefit from horseback riding. It is the ideal activity in order to leave behind the worries and conflicts of a demanding daily routine while simultaneously strengthening self-awareness and muscles.

Riding also schools coordination, mobility, strength, stamina and speed –yet elderly riders do not need be scared of the rigorous activity. Warming up and stretching before getting onto a horse protects muscles and joints and prepares them for unusual movements. Specific exercises in the saddle can help to improve bodily awareness and movement.

However the most important thing is to have fun and to have a good time while sitting on top of a horse. Most riders are fascinated by the fact that they can move such a large and strong animal in different speeds through the smallest movements. Combining action with knowledge and understanding creates harmony between horse and rider.

Cuddle with horses for hours and hours – only for teenagers? Nope! Enjoy the warmth of a soft coat when you stroke your horse after grooming it. Love and care is also very beneficial for the relationship between horse and rider. Soon you will start to discover what your partner the horse likes and dislikes.

Would you like to try horseback riding (again)?

Those who are interested in (re)discovering equestrian sport can book an introductory weekend at our riding school. Beginners can make their very first riding experiences while more experienced individuals can learn more about balance and correct muscle control. Have a look at our offers and we are sure you will find the right one for your start into equestrian sport.

Always remember: everyone can learn how to ride, no matter what age!

Everyone is welcomed by us. Even pensioners aged 70 and older have taken their first steps with a horse and on a horse together with us. Our riding instructors expertise and empathy paired with the calmness of a well-schooled horse provides any novice a good basis for a safe and effective riding lesson.

Riding lessons are shaped by the skill and durability of each riding student. Only the calmest and most reliable horses are used for the schooling of riders. Adults who have never set foot in a stable before as well as those who would like to take up riding again are (re)introduced to horses in both private and group lessons.

One should also highlight the importance of the theoretical aspects of riding as a sport. Especially mature riding students show a great deal of curiosity regarding the behavior and anatomy of the horse. These aspects are important and are communicated by us to you accordingly while you catch your horse, groom and saddle up.

Ground work is a substantial part of our schooling program as it furthers the understanding of behavior and communication between horse and rider. You will learn how to lead a horse correctly and how to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. In a short amount of time, you will begin to understand the “why?” behind the actions and reactions that your horse shows towards you and its environment.

Experienced riders are also welcome.

Skilled riders can look forward to qualified dressage, jumping and eventing lessons. We also offer courses in ground work and lunge work for experienced riders.

Especially experienced riders will benefit from our range of activities. During our qualified dressage training, you can improve your seat, posture and aids in order to prevent imbalance and other mistakes. Our qualified riding instructors will also happily guide you through jumping lessons – from simple trotting poles to complex showjumping courses.

Our very own riding terrain are a special experience for our more experienced students. 14 hectares of land are available for you to improve and perfect your cross country skills. Natural hurdles and obstacles scattered across our grounds include jumps, a plateau, a rampart and a dike. These are both challenging and fun for both horse and rider. We are known by many judges and examiners for our well-prepared students. We would love to share our knowledge about both safety and fun while riding outside. Further exercises to enhance your control of a horse outside on our terrain are also possible. Once all the hard work has been successfully completed, you can allow your horse to cool down in the lake. On warm summer days we can also take our horses for a proper swim.

Workshop offers: Riding and overnight stays at our riding school

You have a choice between different appointments, courses and exams for your riding holidays.

  • A weekend at the Baltic Sea – Friday to Sunday

  • A short 4-day week program, including lunging lessons and group lessons.

  • A week filled with riding and fitness

We will happily customize weekly courses according to your requests, including:

  • Dressage

  • Show jumping

  • Novice/introductory courses

  • Cross country & trail

  • Communicating with your horse through ground work

Contact us for more details.

Find out dates and prices for our weekly courses here!

Why should adults horseback ride? A review by the Equine Union is presented below