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Kathrin Hennings is riding stewart, a B trainer and a teacher of riding as a fitness and therapeutic sport. She is responsible for riding lessons while also overseeing our kitchen and house.

Willi Hennings is an agriculturist and the expert when it comes to the care of our animals. He is also qualified to give structured and licensed riding lessons.

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Our friendly counselors are just as important! During the holiday season, they live in our house together with the campers and are always available. They play with you, try to solve any problems you encounter and also give riding lessons. Most of our counsellors were also campers at some point in their life and therefore know their way around very well.

We look forward to your application as a camp counselor. You must be at least 16 years old. Ideally, you have stayed with us before. However, if you have experience working with groups of children and adolescence, we will happily consider your application. As you spend the majority of the day with the campers, you must love working with children. Now and then we organize weekend workshops for both new faces and returners. During these days, counselors can pick up tips and tricks important for our work at the yard. Previous riding experience is essential.

We offer qualified riding lessons for both novices and experts. Jumping lessons and dressage lessons are possible in both our indoor and outdoor arenas. Trail rides and riding lessons outside in our own terrain including cross country obstacles are also possible. Lessons about ground work are also bookable. Our school horses and ponies live outside day and night during the summer months. They are therefore well balanced and calm. We have horses in all shapes and sizes – many of which we trained ourselves.

We cover riding lessons for students of all ages and also for riders with their own private horse or pony.

Private and group lessons can be booked by our guests. Local riders can join one of our weekly training sessions which run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Each Friday we offer cavaletti- and jumping lessons.

Our riding school is certified by the FN and all of our riding teachers are licensed C or B instructors or have a completed apprenticeship. They are partially supported by young adults aged 16 and up, who have successfully acquired assistant trainer licenses at our yard. It is very important for us, that all of our staff are knowledgeable and qualified.

Please contact Merle Hennings

or use the contact service below for questions and appointments

The Hennings riding stable is situated only 300m away from the Baltic Sea and the natural heritage mud flat sites near to the small village Westerdeichstrich - more exact in the district Stinteck which is 5 km north of Büsum.

Our spacious fields are available for all our horses and ponies and are spread out around the yard. We are also the owners of a 1000 m2 indoor arena, a 20 by 80 meter large outdoor arena and 14 hectares of terrain including a lake and cross country obstacles.

The playground and all of our outdoor equipment guarantee that the fun doesn’t stop once you have gotten off your horse and brought it back to the pastures.

Most of our rooms are layed out for 2 to 3 guests, with generous sanitary facilities to share. Our community room is equipped with a DVD player and an overhead projector, which are especially helpful for the construction of interesting theoretical lessons.

Our business is certified by both the German Equine Union as well as the German Social Services.

Optimal conditions for a wonderful stay at our holiday yard at the Baltic Sea in Schleswig Holstein!

The following is a review written by Franziska Hennings about the history of our yard

What is it like, to live and grow up as a little girl at a large stable with over 40 horses? Let me tell you…it’s not too bad! So much space to play and so many horses to cuddle.

When I was still young, we didn’t have any cats but therefore we had a dog named Socke. It’s a strange name I know, but Socke was a great dog. She would run around all day and would make regular visits to town, where she would pick up a treat or two. After she found out that it is a lot more comfortable with Aunt Anni next door than in our office, she moved out. But she never let us down! Every day, she would come by to patrol the yard. And whenever we would throw a barbeque, she enjoyed sticking around for a bit longer.

For a long time we also had two hilarious goats name Charlie and Louise. At first, they also had the complete freedom to go wherever they pleased and even followed us out on trail rides. Unfortunately they would always leave behind their tracks and soon we had to leave them behind at the yard instead. After Charlie discovered how fun it was to jump onto cars, we decided they needed an enclosure. We quickly found some friends for them: three little lambs called Tick, Trick and Track. Together, the five of them were a whole lot of trouble and enjoyed chasing our chickens.

Up until the beginning of the 1990s, our yard looked very different to what it looks like today. Way back, the attic was refurbished to become the rooms that they are now on the first floor. Our kitchen today used to be the tack room with a door which led straight into the stables… the bottom floor accommodation rooms of today used to be our stable. These stables were original old cow stalls and all of our horses were stood lined up in a row. Our big indoor arena was built in 1996. Beforehand, our old riding arena was half of our current stables. If you look closely, you can still see where the old riding arena ends and the newer addition to the current stables begins. While our old indoor arena was transformed into our current stable, our new indoor arena was constructed – Thank goodness! The old arena was a little bit small!

In the past, our outdoor arena was located where our playground and swings are now. However, the dust and sand from the arena used to soil my mother’s freshly washed laundry, which she would hang outside to dry and so the arena was moved to where our current indoor arena is now. I can still remember the time I fell off of Erwin in that arena, as per usual. Once the construction of the new indoor arena began, the outdoor arena was moved again to where it is now.

More and more campers and tourists started travelling through our village with their vans and bicycles and we decided to transfer our trail rides. That way, we never bothered the other traffic and they didn’t bother us back. We also had to worry less about cleaning up after our horses on the roads. Sometime after that was when we started riding on our own land to the Augustenhof. I always had so much fun, especially on Daisa, who I could take to the moon and back. We went swimming through the lake, rode through the deepest ditches and over the ramparts and plateaus. We tackled cross country obstacles at full speed. As far as I can remember, Daisa only ever walked or galloped.

As time went by, more and more horses joined our family. My parents started off with only a handful over 30 years ago…and now we have over 60 horses!

In order for everything to run smoothly, my mother had to complete her riding license and Trainer B training. She knew from the very beginning that she wanted to quality to be her focus. Once it became clear that our farm was starting to look a lot like a riding school, my father, who is an agriculturist, had to learn how to ride as well. Even if it is an absolute rarity to see, my dad is actually pretty amazing in the saddle!

As our farm started to grow, so did the number of horses. While a lot of them were bought one by one, a few were also born on our yard. In 1996, Arabella, Asterix, Andra, Anabell (Stiena’s daughter) and Angie we born and a year later Belmont (Tina’s brother), Bico, Bianca, Bine (Stupsy’s daughter) and Bambi were born. Bine’s sister Celine was a late surprise. We had a couple of foals before then as well. Tina for example was born 20 years ago on the Augustenhof. Paula and Daisy were born the same year and were ridden later on by Astrid and Anna (one of our counselors) with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It was always wonderful to have a foal or two on our yard – maybe we will have another one sometime soon?

Everyone who has stayed with us before knows how important the wellbeing of our animals is for us. In order for our horses to remain healthy and happy, we have specific rules that everyone must follow…this wasn’t always the case. We have gathered so much experience as time went by and are thankful for Mr. Hopp. Mr. Hopp was an examiner who judged our riding students for decades and taught us a great deal. All of us including my father and my sister Merle were taught how to ride by Mr. Hopp. Some of the things he showed us included how to handle horses well and how to ride out on terrain. Today he tells us: "everything is wonderful at yours. The horses are happy, the lessons are good etc… but I would hate to be a door in your house." His words make us pretty happy. We doubt anybody would want to be a door at ours, considering all the little campers, who like to bang them shut every day!

Franziska Hennings

Our farm is a family run business which we started over 25 years ago. We have developed from an agricultural firm to a modern riding school with 14 hectares of land, a large indoor arena and outdoor arena.

We have specialized in:

  • Horseback riding for children and adolescents

  • Horseback riding for adults

  • Horseback riding for large groups

Our lodgings are large enough for 60 guests. Our location offers the unique experience of combining riding holidays and the healthy salty air of the Baltic Sea right by the natural heritage mud flats. An ideal combination – especially for school trips and youth groups. Children can experience our beautiful coast line in Schleswig-Holstein alongside their first experiences with our horses. Büsum also offers a change of scenery, a port, boat tours and excursions.

Our farm is also a great destination for kindergarten classes who are planning a shorter trip. Our playground, the lovely ponies and our location at the coast line guarantee that neither boredom nor homesickness will become an issue.

We started hosting groups of handicapped individuals a long time ago. We are happy to see again and again, that horseback riding and the communication between horse and human can be extremely beneficial for disabled people.

For many years we have supported riding students as they undertake riding exams and licenses. At our school, students can complete their basic license and riding license as well as all possible "horseshoe exams". We were the first school in Schleswig-Holstein which offered the "combined horseshoe" and the "hunter badge". Students can also take part in courses in order to become assistant counselors and trainers.

For the first time last year we also were able to offer successful courses on riding as a therapeutic sport. We are the first business to receive the certificate “Sport pro Health” for our efforts. We attempt to correct and prevent deficient movement and to school our student’s consciousness for a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Our horses live on spacious fields and are therefore calm and well-balanced. They are ideal partners for children and adults who have never ridden before and who might therefore feel nervous or insecure. Trust and confidence and independence are developed. We are especially enthusiastic about the encouragement of social behavior. Everyone helps everyone – before, during and after our riding lessons!

Our equipment and our playground offer a range of possibilities in order for all children to run and play. Our pets are also always available to cuddle and for children to find a calm minute of rest between all the other exciting activities.

Safety – an important topic for everyone

Lessons – Novices, adults and children can learn how to ride in Schleswig Holstein at the Baltic Sea with us. Safety always comes first!

Our concept has proven successful over the past 25 years. New developments are always taken to heart. We now offer our riding students’ safety vests which they can borrow for their jumping lessons and trail rides.

Well-fitted helmets are mandatory.

All of the children and adolescents are supported in their explorations by our skilled teachers and counselors. The camp counselors also live in the same wing as our over-night campers do, so that the children always have someone they can turn to if needed – day and night!

We educate new trainers at our yard in cooperation with the German association for equine sport. Our yard benefits from the courses as our counselors receive a qualified education in order to take good care of our guests.